Episode 14

BeholderFest 2016 (Part 2)


June 1st, 2016

7 mins 4 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Pucker up, because it's time to talk about the Death Kiss, the Eye of the Deep, and the Gauth. The magic is gone!

Episode Links

  • Beholder-kin, Death Kiss (Monstrous Manual) — The Death Kiss, or “bleeder”, is fearsome predator found in caverns or ruins.
  • Eye of the Deep - Pathfinder_OGC — This creature is a 5-foot wide orb dominated by a central eye and large serrated mouth. Hundreds of small seaweed-like bristles hang from the bottom of its body. Two large crab-like pincers protrude from its body, and two long, thin eyestalks sprout from the top of its orb.
  • Gauth (3.5e Monster) - Dungeons and Dragons Wiki — Around two and a half feet in diameter, the spherical creature floating towards you with a single massive central eye while a pair of eyestalks swivel every which way. You know you should shoot at it, but something about the eye--a menace the likes of which you have never felt before--causes you to falter, standing still and compliant as it levels an eyestalk at you, brimming with magical energy and promising a quick death.