Monster in My Podcast

A comedy podcast about monsters and the manuals they appear in.

About the show

A podcast by Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield taking a monster-by-monster look at all of the goofy, inspired, and sometimes dull creature designs in the 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual of Dungeons and Dragons. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for short episodes about your favorite beasties.

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  • Episode 9: Basilisk

    May 20th, 2016  |  4 mins 2 secs

    The shocking origin story of the Dracolisk: Prodigious production, combined with clumsiness on slippery surfaces.

  • Episode 8: Banshee

    May 18th, 2016  |  3 mins 41 secs

    I scream, you scream, we all scream then die instantly.

  • Episode 7: Baatezu

    May 16th, 2016  |  4 mins 32 secs

    Don't confuse a devil for a demon, it doesn't end well.

  • Episode 6: Aurumvorax

    May 13th, 2016  |  3 mins 42 secs

    Smeltable truffle pigs in the shape of centibadgers.

  • Episode 5: Argos

    May 11th, 2016  |  3 mins 47 secs

    Who overcooked the Beholder!?

  • Episode 4: Arcane

    May 9th, 2016  |  3 mins 54 secs

    Passive aggressive space weirdos prowl the void, looking for gold to have sex with.

  • Episode 3: Ankheg

    May 6th, 2016  |  4 mins 12 secs

    Here comes the Ankheg to undermine our views of intelligence and society, especially as concerns worms and farming.

  • Episode 2: Aboleth

    May 4th, 2016  |  4 mins 30 secs

    Prepare yourselves to become slime slaves to gigantic bottom feeding degenerates.

  • Episode 1: Aarakocra

    May 2nd, 2016  |  5 mins 2 secs

    The Aarakocra are crappy bird people with secret fingers and a penchant for cloaca-based basketry.